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職務名稱 製程工程師 製程整合工程師
工作地點 台中市后里區三豐路四段369號 台中市后里區三豐路四段369號
工作內容簡述 Job Description:

A Process Owner is responsible to direct the sustaining/improvement efforts for Quality, Yield and Equipment performance for your respective process area.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

1. Meet and work closely with Process Integration,

2.Manufacturing, QA and other process areas. Send out periodic reports on process metrics.

3. Participate in process and yield improvement projects and manage multiple projects.

4. Partner with production and engineering ops team to determine and implement corrective actions for deviations.

5. Provide guides, procedures and checklists for maintenance, equipment or process qualification, and reaction mechanisms.

6. Apply technical knowledge and judgment in data analysis and conducting experiment.

7. Able to implement process monitoring and control methodologies.

8. Defining the process margin with respect to upstream and downstream steps.

9. Improving the process cost of ownership, throughput, and performance .

10. Reducing scrap and deviations.

11. Train and mentor technician or engineer to perform specific job tasks.


Please go to below link for more job information.

Job Description:

1.Product yield analysis and improvement.

2.Flow simplification and process margin up.

3.Device monitor and modify.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

1.Planning and execution of new process technologies transferred.

2.Planning and execution of new & self-developed process technologies.

3.Establish process flow and specifications.

4.Process improvement and simplification.


Please go to below link for more job information.

需求人數 50人 20人
薪資待遇 碩士畢業NTD50,000/月起 碩士畢業NTD50,000/月起
科系類別 碩士,理工相關科系 碩士,理工相關科系
其他招募條件 1. 諳英文

2. 需準備英文履歷、自傳

1. 諳英文

2. 需準備英文履歷、自傳

相關招募連結 https://www.104.com.tw/job/?jobno=6bge8&jobsource=checkc https://www.104.com.tw/job/?jobno=6bge5&jobsource=checkc
應徵方式 請到上方招募連結投遞履歷
聯絡方式 聯絡人姓名:孔先生

電話: 04-25218000 分機:1733

Email: tw_hr_recruiter@micron.com



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